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The state of Packer fans

Posted on: December 24, 2008 2:08 pm
Well it's almost all said and done now, the season is coming to an end and us Packer fans are on the verge of surviving one of the rockiest season probably in the history of our very proud franchise. I know that the Packers have had worse seasons than this and some  fans (I'm only 29 so I don't remember it) have endured decades of heartbreak, disappointment and losing. But this season is very differant. Never in the history of the Greeen Bay Packers has there ever been such a devide in the fans ands turmoil over the fans view of the front office. Now there will always be people who hate the coach or hate the GM, that's a no brainer. There was plenty of people who didn't like Ron Wolf and thought Holmgren was an ego maniac. This however is not the point. So we bring in Ted Thompson. A guy who nobody knew much about and just as a person he kinda rubs people the wrong way. And to speed this up Ted Thompson ends up trading the best thing that has happened to our franchise in 30 years. What has happened is obviously for the first time in history, what have been long considered the best and most loyal fans in the U.S have split in half. Now all we do is argue quite relentlessly. It has even caused hate between our fans. I personally find this very sad. I've never gotten in such heated arguments with people as I do about the Packers now. So as we sit as Packer fans vulnerable for the first time I simply ask how do we fix this? And I don't mean fire Ted Tompson type thing. I mean when do we start treating each other with respect again? Like respecting anothers opinion and not calling someone an idiot for having a differant vision for the team. I know I'm guilty of this as well, and sometimes when I read what I've wrote to people and what people havew written to each other it makes me sick. I can't wait for the day when as a whole again we are united. Here's to hoping, Go Pack Go!!!!!!
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The state of Packer fans

It all changed when we lost Nick Barnett.  If nick didn't get hurt??? well I guess we will never know.

Looking forward!! I like the Pack's chances for next year.. It seems finishing a season strong gives

you the best chance (throw the records out).. get in the playoffs and peak late... The regular

season is just an extended Pre-season with emphasis on winning 10 or more games including

the last four or five strong. That has been the trend for the last few years.

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The state of Packer fans

time heals all wounds.

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Posted on: December 27, 2008 12:37 am

The state of Packer fans

Aaron Rodgers was not the only thing wrong with this team. We shouldn't try to lay all of the blame at his feet. He put up respectable numbers but the bigger question should be WHO IS GOING TO LEAD THIS TEAM!!!!! It doesn't always have to be the QB, it can be a guy who is the defensive captain. I agree that with Brett Farve's departure that the team attitude seemed to change. Nature abhors a vacuum, and when a teammate, like Farve, leaves a team, it creates a hole, one that must be filled. Aaron Rodgers did not have the personality to fill that hole, and no one else stepped up either. The Baltimore Raves team leader is not their QB, it is Ray Lewis. Do we have that type of a defensive guy who could be like that. A little cocky and a little flamboyant and even a little arrogant, but sure in his ability, his teammates and the coach that he can take charge of a game, bring a little swagger and energize the team so that they believe. So that we believe, and I think that we do. I think that A. J. Hawk is a player that could do this. I feel taht if A. J. Hawk took over as an emotional leader for this team, that might be enough to bring back the swagger, the fight the sense that we are nevver out of a game, that we can comeback in the fourth, and that when we lead going into the fourth, THAT WE WILL WIN THIS GAME!!!

What we need is not necessarity a new QB, but for a new leader to emerge. That, a couple of key defensive picks in the draft, and an offensive lineman to help protect whichever QB we have. The front office has made it clear that Rodgers is the man, but we need to encourage others to step up and take charge of the team so that the 4th QTR collapses that we've seen this season don't continue to occur. We need a leader, and A. J. Hawk should and could be that man. Holla' Players, I'm out.

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Posted on: December 25, 2008 7:17 am

The state of Packer fans

Let me start by saying that I do not hate Aaron Rodgers. But there is something that he seems to be lacking. My prediction is that he will always put up adequate numbers, but he is going to be a Drew Bledsoe type. He will never be able to lead the Pack to the promised land. I remember when Favre took the reigns in '92 after just a few games you could tell that despite his mental miscues, he was not going to be denied a championship.

Rodgers' inability to get it done in crunch time compounded with the total melt down of the D is almost just as much to blame for the fanbase split as the off-season fiasco. I think another contributing factor was the cloak and dagger type of secrecy and behind the scenes stuff that went on. The Packers have always pretty much been an open book, but that was not the case in the Favre debacle. I have never seen so much He said/She said out of this organization. The front office needs to regain the trust of the fans by restoring the transparency that the Packers have always been able to pride themselves on.

Other than that winning cures all. Keep in mind that it is not only the fan base that's fractured, the locker room was split too. It will not be too long that you will get your wish. Families fight, but through it all they make it by remembering that they are family. That is what separates Packer-nation from all other fan bases across all sports. Just remember that there is always going to be the drunk uncle that is never happy, and accept him anyway.

Merry Christmas and GO PACK!

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